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Hel Yea Gaming Bundle with DCA, Schiit & Antlion Audio

hat’s in a name? In the case of some hi-fi manufacturers it’s clear from the off precisely what their speciality is: Chord Company and Hi-Fi Racks perhaps being the most obvious examples. But when your chosen monicker is MrSpeakers and you only make headphones,’s time for a re-think. Consequently, the San-Diego-based company has opted for the name of its founder – Dan Clark – to avoid confusion.


Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Closed Back Headphones Review

MATTHEW JENS // May 12, 2020

“One of the most impressive closed-back headphones I auditioned last year came from Dan Clark Audio – the AEON Flow Closed. Back then, the company was known as MrSpeakers but changed its name to reflect its intended future direction. I was firmly impressed, as this design had some key differences that separated it from an average set of planar magnetic headphones. It ended up setting a high bar for what I have come to expect from this type of design. And now along comes this new edition, sporting some fundamental physical changes and important internal upgrades, landing at $1,595 locally.“

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Hel Yea Gaming Bundle with DCA, Schiit & Antlion Audio

Audio Head // May 11, 2020

Alongside high fidelity listening, I have been known to do a little bit of gaming. I’m not a hard core player by any means, but I do enjoy a bit of laid back key pressing for the sake of pushing some pixels around. So when Dan Clark Audio asked me if I would like to hear their newest combo deal for gamers, the idea left me quite intrigued. So, this is a review of the Hel Yea Gaming Bundle by Dan Clark Audio with the Schiit Audio Hel USB interface and Antlion Audio ModMic Uni.



Paul Rigby // May 07, 2020

“What the Aeon 2 headphones do is not to emphasise any one frequency. They, in fact, threaten to please all the people, all of the time. Which is perfectly shocking, let me tell you. “

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Gary Alan Barker // May 6, 2020

I suspect those unfamiliar with Dan Clark Audio or Schiit Audio will be overwhelmed with how good a $650 system can sound. This system gives you everything you would demand from a $1,500 system (other than access to sample rates over 192kHz, which in Schiit’s philosophy are superfluous due to the dearth of actual software recorded in those sample rates) in sound quality, dynamic range, tonal balance, detail, imaging, soundstage, and musicality.

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Dan Clark Audio Æon Flow 2 Closed Headphones

Brent Butterworth Created: 10 April 2020

Over the last decade, Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers) has grown from a company that sold modded Fostex products to one of the most respected names in high-end headphones. But when I interviewed Clark for my March column, I realized I hadn’t reviewed any of his headphones since the Mad Dog Alphas, a Fostex-based model from 2012. I decided to correct that oversight by checking out the Æon Flow 2 Closed headphones ($899.99, all prices USD), a recent model to which an interesting new option has just been added.

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Peter Pialis // February 20, 2020

When the original Aeon open-back headphones were released a number of years ago, they took the personal audio world by storm by offering flagship audio quality and for prices that would allow you to keep your left kidney. Upon initial inspection, the Aeon 2 headphones look quite a bit like their very handsome predecessors the Aeon. But initial looks can be deceiving as the folks at Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers) have made some major changes to the drivers and their corresponding orientation, plus the headband is now collapsible to allow for even more portability and ease of taking them with you on the road. Just like their predecessors these headphones are both solidly put together and quite light on your head. The carrying case offers both a very handsome storage option and offers a smaller form factor to make it easier to take them on the go. The included cable is both audiophile-level quality in terms of materials and constructions, but easily rolls up and stores in the carrying case; talk about the best of both worlds. Overall, the total package offered by Dan Clark Audio is off the charts; especially when performance enters the picture, but more on that later.

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Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers) announces AEON 2 headpone, alongside Linear Tube Audio (LTA) | CAF 2019

Eric Franklin Shook // November 23, 2019

MrSpeakers has been a well known in the headphone community for some years now. But who is this “Mr. Speakers”, and where are the darn speakers? To answer bluntly, it’s Dan Clark — that is mister MrSpeakers — and there are no speakers. Not one actual loudspeaker has ever been in the MrSpeakers product lineup. Dan Clark established the original MrSpeakers brand many years ago after earning an Engineering degree. After graduation, he enjoyed positions at Apple, contributing to the early market requirements for Apple Quicktime, as well as development of early MPEG chipsets for set top cable boxes.

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Fairaudio's Favorite Award


If you describe these over-ear headphones in just two words, they were probably: effect-free and music-friendly. In particular, the deep, yet neutral bass, the reference-like organic mids and the three-dimensional space ensure that you are suddenly connected to the music. Tip: Be sure to experiment with the additional ear cushions offered , we recommend the velor variant.

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Benjamin Baum // April 5, 2019

With the Ether 2, MrSpeakers has succeeded in developing a very sophisticated, neutral, honest and enjoyable headphone. Its seamlessly balanced performance should make every music lover absolutely happy who does not want to hear hi-fi effects but wants to enjoy music holistically. Without ever distracting from the center of the music with tweeters or booming basses, the Ether 2 effortlessly combines the legendary creaminess of an Audeze LCD-2 with the liveliness of a studio earpiece like the AKG K812.

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Artform Insights

A short film about the Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

Artform Insights // Dec 23, 2019

I review in-depth the 2nd iteration of Dan Clark's Aeon portable headphones and I came away mighty impressed. Find out why!

Audio Head

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Review

Dec 16, 2019

The newly rechristened Dan Clark Audio, formerly Mr. Speakers, has been hard at work on more than a name change. The popular Aeon Flow headphones have received what Dan Clark Audio calls more than an update, but a significant upgrade. The driver motor now bears a much greater similarity to the Ether 2, with the magnets flipped 180 degrees to remove any motor elements from between the ear and driver. There are further improvements such as a carbon fiber baffle, improved damping scheme and for the portability-minded listener, a new folding mechanism. That’s a fair amount of changes, so let’s take a closer look at what Dan has cooked up with the new Aeon 2 Open Back.




Linus // Dec 19, 2019

DC Audio, previously known as MrSpeakers, just launched their new 899$ Aeon 2 headphones. The successor to the acclaimed Aeon. Will this one be as popular?

Disclaimer: The Aeon 2 was kindly provided by DC Audio free of charge. I only had to pay for the import costs. DC Audio is not affiliated with Headfonia and not a site advertiser. Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity.

A short film about the Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

John H. Darko // Nov 4, 2019

MrSpeakers don’t make loudspeakers — that much is obvious to head-fi scenesters already hip to the company’s stellar reputation as a manufacturer of musically insightful planar-magnetic headphones. But it’s not so obvious to newcomers who would, quite rightly, query the logic of such an ass-backwards company name.


Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 – First Contact

Marcus // Nov 2, 2019

Out with the old and in with the new, and in more way than one. This is not just the formal launch of the AEON 2 but the formal launch of the Dan Clark Audio AEON 2. Yes indeed, MrSpeakers is no more and “DC Audio” is the new brand under which all formerly MrSpeakers product lines will be sold. This is a new company to go along with a new headphone launch.

Head Fi

The AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers - Head-Fi TV

Jude // Nov 1, 2019

Inner Fidelity
Inner Fidelity

Mr. Speakers Ether 2 Review – My Favorite Flagship

Grover Neville // Apr 30, 2019

I’ve been looking forward to writing this review since I got these headphones.

While there are community members and reviewers who like to flirt with questions like ‘the best headphone ever’ and other superlatives, I find myself more drawn to gear that is quietly exceptional for its intended purpose.


MrSpeakers Ether 2 advances the art of headphone design

Steve Guttenberg // Apr 27, 2019

I've lost count how many MrSpeakers headphones I've reviewed, but their Ether 2 is the headphone maker's biggest leap forward. First because it's the world's lightest planar magnetic, over-the-ear headphone, and the sound is deliciously clear, but not to the point it ruthlessly reveals recording flaws. As flagship high-end headphones go it's a midprice design, the Ether 2 runs $1,999 in the US, £1,900 in the UK, and AU$2,900 in Australia.


Positive Feedback

Impressions: The HeadAmp Blue Hawaii Electrostatic Special Edition Headphone Amp & MrSpeakers VOCE Electrostatic Headphones

David W. Robinson // Mar 27, 2019

I can't say what they might do for you, but I can testify what they did for me. If this is the sort of transformational experience that you're looking for with headphones, then hear me: You must investigate the union of the HeadAmp Blue Hawaii and the MrSpeakers VOCE Electrostatic Headphones.

Positive Feedback

Positive Feedback
Positive Feedback

Robinson's Positive Feedback Brutus Awards for 2018, Part the Second

David W. Robinson // Dec 19, 2018

My full evaluation is in the works, but won't be published until after my rollout of my Brutus Awards. In advance of that, I can say that the VOCE + Blue Hawaii is pure delight…one of the very finest things that I've heard in reference-grade ‘phones. You'll have to wait for the details until that is out.

But since the end of the year beat me to it on my full review, I'll issue a richly-deserved Brutus Award right now, and you can read the "why" in the near future.


MrSpeakers Ether 2 Review

Marcus // Feb 24, 2019

Rarely do flagship headphones pop out of nowhere and bedazzle in technical competence and superb tuning. Often, this is an evolutionary process building on previous efforts, treating triumphs and mistakes as two sides of the same learning coin.

Perhaps more than anyone, MrSpeakers had trodden this path from the Mad Dog in 2013 to the Ether series launched in 2015. Hard to believe how quick that evolution was in just over 2 years.

Since the Ether line launched, MrSpeakers focused on maximizing the Ether sound with their TrueFlow technology as well as trickling down the tech into the cheaper AEON series.



MrSpeakers Ether 2 Over-The-Ear Headphones

Scott Lombardo // February 2019

"When factoring in their $2000 price while most competitors ask two to three times for their offerings, which puts the Ether 2 in a league of its own."

Inner Fidelity
Inner Fidelity
Inner Fidelity

ETHER 2 and AEON Open AND Closed Win Editor’s Choice Awards

December 2018

2018 is rapidly coming to a close and with it, the window to highlight some of, what I feel, were the most impressive components and headphones that I experienced this year.

Not everyone will agree with the choices – some will love the picks, others will not – or they will talk about what they'd have included in the price range and that's OK.

To each their own. I hope you enjoy this list and it is able to help you in some way.


Headfonia Awards Best Headphone: MrSpeakers – Ether 2

December 2018

I finished my review of the Ether 2 by saying it‘s a wonderful headphone to come home to. One that makes me forget all the stress from work and the busy life in a big city. Words I will stand by. The Ether 2‘s comfort is unmatched, with its super low 290 Grams of weight and a comfy headband construction the Ether 2 stays on my ears for hours.

It has a wonderfully detailed and transparent sound, that makes listening to music one hell of fun. I can kick back and be wowed with the MrSpeakers. I‘m discovering some of my favorite tracks in a new way. At the price of 2000 USD it also comes in a good bit cheaper than most of today‘s flagship models.


MrSpeakers ETHER 2 – Life In Colour

Deezel // Jan 2 2019

“…if all you want to hear is music in its purest, most unadulterated form, the ETHER 2 truly sits at the top without close contest."



Linus // Dec 12, 2018

MrSpeakers is one of the few companies that started out doing modifications to existing products, namely the Fostex T50RP. Mike has reviewed this special headphone back in 2012.

With the gaining popularity of their Mad Dog headphones, MrSpeakers has financed their own Research and Development department and to manufacture their own planar magnetic drivers.

Dan Clark, founder of MrSpeakers, has been in the audio scene for a long time, working in various fields, from retail to development. Dan’s products have always been passion-driven, he wanted to build headphones that excel in audio quality, but won’t break a certain price. His mindset is, that there can be great sounding headphones at any price point.


THE HI-FI+ AWARDS 2018 - High-End Headphone of the Year

December 2018

MrSpeakers is led by Dan Clark, a keen-eared headphone enthusiast and an engineer’s engineer. The company takes its name from an earlier phase in Clark’s career where he served as an accomplished loudspeaker design specialist for hire. The VOCE is MrSpeakers’ first (and presently, only) electrostatic headphone design.

Headphone Guru


Gary Alan Barker // Dec 1, 2018

2018 Electrostatic Headphone System Product of the Year: MrSpeakers VOCE & HeadAmp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

By overcoming the basic shortcomings of electrostatic headphones, limited bass response and limited dynamic range, the MrSpeakers VOCE have fulfilled the promise of electrostatic drivers producing a quality of sound unachievable with other driver technologies. But that “Holy Grail” of audio reproduction is not achievable without the musicality and power reserves provided by the HeadAmp Blue Hawaii Special Edition, which is why we have awarded this well deserved joint award to both manufacturers for achieving purity of sound otherwise not attainable. My hat’s off to HeadAmp and MrSpeakers for producing the best sound in a Personal Audio system I have yet to hear and congratulations on a job well done.

2018 Open Back Headphones Product of the Year: MrSpeakers ETHER2

Okay, Open Back Headphones was the most fiercely contested category for Product of the Year spilling over into the Writer’s Choice Awards as a result, but the MrSpeakers ETHER2 represents a new bar for planar magnetic headphones, achieving almost electrostatic performance in detail and resolution while retaining efficiency and dynamic range that electrostatics can only dream of. So it is with no reservation that we award MrSpeakers with this well earned award.

Headphone Guru 2018 Awards



Marcus // Dec 7, 2018

The price of entry to flagship headphones of late is increasingly ‘taxing’ on the wallet. I remember when the Audeze LCD-2 first came out at $999 about 8 years ago and people gulped. Now it is hitting $4-6000 for the likes of the Utopia and Susvara.

Thankfully, the sound quality on most of these summit-fi headphones are pretty darn good and getting better all the time. However, to get better you have to sell your old headphone and buy a new one. That can be an expensive and risky exercise.

Sound Stage HiFi


Gary Alan Barker // Nov 20, 2018

Since MrSpeakers first introduced the ETHER headphones, Dan Clark has been on a path of constant improvement, introducing new products every few months. First there was the ETHERs, then the ETHER Cs, then the ETHER Flows & ETHER C Flows, then the AEON Flow Closed, then the AEON Flow Open, then the epic VOCE setting a new standard for electrostatic headphones, then just recently the 1.1 upgrade for the ETHER Flows & ETHER C Flows and now the ETHER2 Open Back Orthodynamic Headphones. This is not simply an upgrade to the ETHERs, but a completely new headphone sharing elements of both the AEON and the VOCE as well as the ETHER and offering performance in a planar magnetic headphone approaching that of the VOCE electrostatic headphone.

Six Moons

Aeon Flow Closed

Thomas Kopanz // Nov 1, 2018

Fresh and light. About 10 years ago and particularly in the US, the magnetostatic driver enjoyed a renaissance when Audeze introduced their LCD series headphones. This new-again breed elevated especially the bass which traditional dynamic drivers often had trouble reproducing correctly. One price to pay was high weight based on construction. And it's precisely here where Dan Clark, founder and mastermind of the also American headphone house MrSpeakers, has whittled away already for eight years and counting.

Six Moons

Sound Stage HiFi

The Best of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018

Doug Schneider // Nov 1, 2018

The Ether 2s weigh only 10.23 ounces (290gm). According to Brent, that’s only about 26% heavier than Sony’s MDR-7506 dynamic headphones, introduced in 1991 and a favorite ever since for professional monitoring, and 2.68 ounces (76gm) lighter than the original Ether headphones, which were pretty light to begin with. To get the Ether 2s lighter than the originals, MrSpeakers redesigned and replaced almost every component part, including the type of driver used. Big and light appeals to me -- I definitely want to try a pair.

Headphone Guru


Gary Alan Barker // Oct 2, 2018

MrSpeakers ETHER Flow 1.1 and ETHER C Flow 1.1 Almost from my beginning as a writer for Headphone.Guru the MrSpeakers ETHER C Flow has been my reference headphone, and before that it was the ETHER C and before that it was the ETHER (I’d like to say that before that it was the Alpha Dog, but I was introduced to the Alpha Dog minutes before I was introduced to the ETHER, so before that it was a pair of STAX II servo static headphones that I haven’t had for several decades). MrSpeakers is known for two things (beyond just great sound) innovative design and epic mods.

Headphone Guru

Ultimate Headphone Guide – Summer 2018

MrSpeakers is led by its headmaster Dan Clark, a keen-eared headphone enthusiast and an engineer’s engineer. The company takes its name from an earlier phase in Clark’s career where he served as an accomplished loudspeaker design specialist for hire.More recently, his efforts have centered on creating a growing range of full-size headphones, all of which have had planar magnetic designs—until now. For the past three years, Clark methodically has been developing a new flagship electrostatic headphone called the VOCE, priced at $2999.

The Verge


Vlad Savov // July 30, 2018

Two summers ago, I wrote to let you know about the exceptionally articulate MrSpeakers Ether Flow headphones. Little more than a one-man band based in San Diego, MrSpeakers gave us a delightful story to go with its superb products: it was the plucky upstart that went from modding existing headphones to creating its own with just a few good ideas and the passion to live and breathe headphones. The only problem with the $1,800 Ether Flows, however, was that you couldn’t afford a pair even if you stopped eating avocados for a decade.

The Verge


Marcus // May 20, 2018

We knew MrSpeakers was working on an electrostatic headphone over a year ago but the details at that point were sketchy to me. It was not really until second or third quarter did the VOCE become a ‘thing’.

I spoke to Dan about the VOCE over (a very spicy) dinner in Guangzhou in early Nov 2017. At that stage, it was more or less complete but the final name had not materialized. In fact, some of the names on the table that evening were far away from the final name. VOCE came out of nowhere but as someone who spent time writing musical scores in the 80s, I knew right away what it meant.

Audio Bacon


Gary Alan Barker // April 6, 2018

Two years ago I wrote my first article for Headphone.Guru, my coverage of CanJam SoCal 2016, and at that show, Dan Clark (of MrSpeakers) first showed his prototype electrostatic headphone. For me, it was the most exciting thing at the show, and I immediately put in for a review sample. At every show I have attended since then, he has shown an improved version of that original headphone, and now I have a production sample of that headphone in my hand along with the epic HeadAmp Blue Hawaii Special Edition Tube Hybrid Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier.

Audio Bacon

MrSpeakers New Electrostatic VOCE Hits The Stage – AXPONA 2018

Aril 17, 2018

Contrary to the ruse in this title, the new MrSpeakers Electrostat is actually pronounced Voh-Chay and is Italian for “voice”. But the reality that one of planar magnetic headphones biggest stars has moved over to the high end electrostatic technology is no joke. Dan Clark’s newest headphone was on display at both CanJam LA and AXPONA’s Chicago HiFi show a mere week apart. Dan himself caught a bit of a travel bug during his time in LA, but was back up to maximum output by the time we sync’d up at AXPONA.

Audio Bacon


Gary Alan Barker // April 16, 2018

CanJam SoCal 2018 - Since my first CanJam SoCal about five years ago, it has been my favorite Personal Audio show, and CanJam SoCal 2018 is no exception to this rule, chocked full of up and comers and movers and shakers offering exciting new products. And once again Ethan, Jude, Brian and the gang have made an outstanding effort providing one of the best forums for enthusiasts and audiophiles to experience the best that Personal Audio has to offer, with offerings from 56 vendors and according to Ethan a conservative estimate of over 2200 attendees.

Audio Bacon

MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open Headphone Review

Brian Hunter // March 5, 2018

It has been a constant trajectory of upward growth for Dan Clark and MrSpeakers headphone products. Only a few years out from modding T50RP headphones and his collection of original sonic creations has grown from a single model to more than eight, spanning costs from $3k for his VOCE electrostatic down to the subject of today’s analysis, the newly-opened AEON Flow ($799).

Audio Bacon

MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open-Back Headphone Review

By Jay // January 9, 2018

MrSpeakers created the first 3-D printed production headphone back in 2013. I purchased the Alpha Dog and was impressed with the magic MrSpeakers’s founder, Dan Clark, was able to perform with Fostex T50RP drivers. The adjustable bass was a welcomed feature and it was the first time I’ve ever seen tuning dots (called “Doggie Treats”).

Audio Bacon

MrSpeakers AEON Flow (open) | a polished sculpture

Damir Franc // January 6, 2018

An unboxing and review of the Mr. Speakers AEON Flow Open by Youtuber Damir Franc.

PC Gamer

Headphones of the Year: MrSpeakers Ether Flow

By PC Gamer, Tuan Nguyen // Dec 28, 2017

There are many headphones on the market. Many claim to do various things, like directional audio, or multi channel processing. Others claim to increase your spatial sense in the air around you. In search of the best headphones—within reason—we came across a pair from an unlikely candidate: MrSpeakers.
Located in San Diego, California, MrSpeakers is small and isn’t as widely known as say, Sennheiser, or Audio-Technica, or Beats (lol), but that's what makes the company great.

PC Gamer

Best Closed Headphone 2017

I am delighted that MrSpeakers choose to showcase their Flow technology at what we now define as mid-fi pricing. The race to the top has been a concern for me for a while and those with tighter budgets relatively speaking should be given the chance to sample some stellar flagship technology.


By Dave // Dec 29, 2017

Looking back on the last several years, I have realized my greatest audiophile regret: upgrading my Mad Dog headphones. I had the Mad Dog 3.2 from Mr. Speakers, and I loved them to death. Neither the treble nor bass were really well extended, and it was quite warm, but hell, I could put them on and just drift away into my own mind. I simply enjoyed the hell out of them. I got greedy, of course, and upgraded them to Alpha Dogs. Now, the Alpha Dogs were great headphones, and objectively “better”, but I just didn’t have the love for them I did the Mad Dogs. I eventually sold them, and have regretted it ever since. I almost bought another pair before they were discontinued, but stayed my hand. While this is only tangentially related to the review at hand today, I wanted to take this opportunity to get this off my chest.

AEON Open AND Closed Win hifi+ Awards


MrSpeakers ÆON is said to use most of the technologies and to offer much of the performance of the bigger ETHER headphones at the much more domestically-chummy cost of just £799.99, which goes some way to explain MrSpeakers’ marketing tag-line for the model: “No Compromise Sound & Comfort; Affordable Price” The closed-back planar magnetic ÆON Flow has recently been joined by the open-backed ÆON Flow Open (review pending).


By Frank Iacone // Nov 27, 2017

2017 was an exceptional year for new product designs. The innovative creations by masterful designers keep reaching new heights in personal audio. The year was filled with so many magnificent products and companies that were so inviting, that this year that it was difficult to pick the best in design and sound. We salute all the manufacturers who submitted their products for review this year and we are excited about the products that are coming for next year.


by Leacroft Green // November 2017

The first impressions I had of the AFO had me smiling from ear to ear. I think this is the best tuned headphone I have heard from Dan easily and as mentioned above, the best tuned open back planar I have heard besides the LFF Code-X. I haven’t been a fan of the Ether line but this one is special. After a while the soundstage started to bother me a bit but not enough to change my mind from wanting to purchase one. A lot of people have been wanting the Sennheiser HD650 balance but with a different driver type and I recommend trying this one to quench a little of that thirst.

Review: MrSpeakers Ether Flow

By Sound Perfection Reviews // December 08, 2017

Conclusion: I really enjoy the Ether Flow with a lot of the rock music I listen to; they have great but controlled impact, a detailed midrange and well extended highs. They are well balanced with a little added impact, the sound is dynamic and fun and they are a great all rounder if you have the money.

Mrspeakers Aeon Flow Open Review

by GrippeSC2 // December 4, 2017

My experience with the new planar from Mrspeakers, and comparisons to other headphones. - Youtube Review

MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open Planar Magnetic Headphones

By Tyll Hertsens // Nov 17, 2017

 " headphone under $1000..."

I'll admit feeling the MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed look a bit alien to my eyes when first I saw it. Now that it's been on my desk for a few months I find it quite appealing. Not so much for it's looks—don't get me wrong, I quite like the look—but more because I've come to appreciate the comfort of them. No surprises when the Aeon Flow Open showed up...they were right at home on my head. Good thing too, they'll be spending a lot of time there.


by Gary Alan Barker // Nov 1, 2017

So imagine you heard that your favorite vintner, who had recently introduced a new and excellent budget red wine, that favorably competed with the best vintages, was releasing a new white wine. And so you contact the vintner to get a sample, and what you receive instead is champagne. This was my experience with the new MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open headphones (hence forth the original AEONs will be known as the AEON Flow Closed).


by Marcus . // October 1, 2017

The AEON is rated at 13-ohms and 93dB sensitivity rating. Do not get too sidetracked by the low resistance rating, whilst it is a big positive for me the key is the 93dB efficiency rating because that will determine the likely ideal match up and thus how well the AEON sounds.

MrSpeakers Aeon Headphones Review

Steve Guttenberg // Aug 31, 2017

I meet a lot of audiophiles who flat out refuse to give headphones a chance. They go on about the headphones they bought in college when Michael Jackson released Thriller and won’t even try the new breed of ’phones. This one here, the MrSpeakers Aeon, might be the headphones that turn them around. The complete package—the sound, the shape, the smooth feel of the carbon fiber earcups, the luxuriously thick earpads, and best of all, the price—might win over even the most curmudgeonly of resistors. 

MrSpeakers Aeon Headphone Review - A new Epoch?

by Steve. // July 21, 2017

MrSpeakers is one of those small companies which gets some big attention; not content with their excellent Ether models, they're back with another design! The MrSpeakers Aeon is a slight departure from the norm, as MrSpeakers has elected to go with some teardrop-shaped earcups for this one. Perhaps they're designed to match the tears currently falling down our cheeks.. but are they tears of pure frisson, or rage?

Best Of 2017 Blue Note Equipment Awards
MrSpeakers ÆON Headphones

Best Of 2017 Blue Note Equipment Awards // September 2017

A good closed back headphone is hard to find. Finding a top-flight closed-back headphone at an affordable price, well that's a very tall order indeed. MrSpeakers set out to change that with ÆON – a closed headphone that offers flagship-worthy performance for the down-to-earth price of $799. In our World Premiere review, Enjoy the reviewer Dave Hanson noted just how exceptional the ÆON was in terms of sonic balance, design and value:

"With the ÆON, I think MrSpeakers has found a balance that will satisfy fans of both ETHER headphones. While the ÆON maintains much of the nice sub-bass extension and heft of the ETHER-C, there is now a bit more warmth in the midbass region, which adds a welcome sense of weight to drums, guitars and vocals. Bass is tight and articulate in both regions, and I was easily able to distinguish between different low-register sounds during complex passages in the music. All things considered, it may very well be a better all-‘rounder than its bigger brothers in the bass region, just in terms of serving every kind of music well.


by Chris Martens // Aug 29, 2017

The San Diego-based firm MrSpeakers has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of world-class headphones and not – as the name might suggest – loudspeakers. Over the past two years MrSpeakers product design efforts have centred on creating an expanding range of upper-tier (and often award-winning) ETHER-series planar magnetic headphones, which range in price from £1,475 to £1,700. Given this history, we have come to think of MrSpeakers as an upscale brand.

Exceptional sound quality with any genre

By Lester Hio // Aug 16, 2017

The Aeon headphones from headphone cult favourite MrSpeakers are the company's latest in its line of planar magnetic headphones, which differ from the more common dynamic driver headphones that make up the majority of consumer products.

Planar magnetic headphones generate sound by passing an electrical current through larger magnets than those in dynamic drivers, hence making them bulkier and heavier. But the trade-off is worth it, as the Aeon headphones display exceptional sound quality that sounds amazing with any genre you can throw at it.

Mr Speakers Ether C Headphones

By Janine Elliot // March 10, 2016

At £1250 with the standard cable or £1350 with the Premium cable, the Mr Speakers Ether C headphones certainly fall into the high-end price bracket, but will they deliver on sound quality? Janine Elliot finds our for Hifi Pig. I’ve been listening to new ground-breaking headphones since, well, Sennheiser 414s. Every time the intention was that they were better than the one before, otherwise there would be no point. All I had heard before these were closed back, heavy and tight fitting ‘head vices’ that had bass, middle and no definition for my young 20kHz ears to benefit from.


by Chris Martens // Feb 07, 2017

In 2015 the California-based firm MrSpeakers launched two world-class planar magnetic headphones: the open-back ETHER and the closed-back ETHER C (reviewed in Hi-Fi+ issue 135). Laymen and veteran headphone enthusiasts alike reacted favourably to both ETHER models and both went on to win widespread critical acclaim (in fact, Hi-Fi+ gave the ETHER C its Closed-Back Headphone of the Year award). Given the continuing ‘buzz’ surrounding the initial ETHER models, many assumed it would be a good, long while before MrSpeakers saw any need to revise these two award winning designs. “If it ain’t broke,” as the old saying goes, “don’t fix it.”

MrSpeakers Introduces AEON Over-Ear Sealed Headphone

By Tyll Hertsens // Jan 30, 2017

I've kvetched quite a bit about the need for some killer headphones in the $500-$1000 price range. Seems like headphone makers just jumped by that price category in an ever more intense race to the top...of your willingness to break your wallet. Looks like we're going to get some relief from MrSpeakers.

The newly announced AEON is a sealed, over-ear, planar magnetic headphone that will be sold for $799. I've only had a couple of days to listen and measure, but I'm impressed. The AEON will definitely get a review.

MrSpeakers ÆON Review

by Dan Browdy // February 1, 2017

MrSpeakers has been on a bit of a roll lately. From humble beginnings modifying the headphones made by other companies, Dan Clark has grown MrSpeakers into a pillar of the industry. With the recent release of the Flow updates to the popular ETHER and ETHER C, MrSpeakers has improved two of the best headphones in their respective markets. However, as happy as people are with the ETHERs, many long-time supporters of MrSpeakers have been waiting for them to return to their roots and introduce a model in a more affordable price bracket than the $1799 flagships. Now we have the new MrSpeakers ÆON. Priced at $799, this closed-back can appears to be just what fans have been waiting for. After spending some time with it, I’m certain it will bring in a whole load of new Mr. Speakers fanatics as well.

The Best Open Back Headphone I’ve Tested So Far!

By The PC Enthusiast // Feb 28, 2017

Headphones are very interesting and quite mysterious in their own way. You’ll never know how they sound like or if you’ll like how they sound, not until you tried them. Late last year, I got a couple of new audio gear and was able to test and listen to what I think is the best open back headphone I’ve listened to (so far) – the MrSpeakers ETHER Flow Planar Magnetic headphone. That’s right, today I’ll be sharing to you my experience with this $1,800 headphone. Sound quality and audio performance is simply fantastic and definitely top notch; I love the sound signature and craftsmanship is just superb. Frankly speaking, most of the expensive headphones, specially flagship or TOTL headphones, are expected to have great sound quality and performance. But what sets the Ether Flow unique from the rest is what you’ll find out in this review. Also, if you’re in the market looking for the best open back headphone and budget is not a factor, please continue reading my MrSpeakers Ether Flow review below and find out if this is the right headphone for you.

MrSpeakers ÆON Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones
The ÆON is very possibly MrSpeaker's headphone masterpiece.

Review By Dave Hansen // March 2017

How many over-ear headphones can you name priced between $499 and $999? You would think there would be more, but there really aren't many these days. While there has been a flood of flagship-level megabuck headphones over the past couple of years (to go with the usual selection of sub-$500 fare), it seems many manufacturers somehow forgot about the middle. So like many other personal audio enthusiasts, I was extremely interested when the venerable MrSpeakers announced they would be filling the vacuum with their attractively-priced $799 ÆON over-ear headphone.



Over the last year and a half or so, there has been an explosion of high performance headphones in the coveted just under a thousand dollar price bracket, and MrSpeakers is the most recent high-end manufacturer to throw their hat in the ring.
Or I should say return to the ring, as not so long ago they were a heavy hitter in the category with their highly praised Fostex T50RP based Mad Dog and Alpha Dog headphones. As I understand it, it was Fostex’s decision to change the sound of the T50RP that inspired MrSpeakers to develop the ETHER series headphones using drivers of their own manufacturer (rather than doing a complete revoicing of the T50RP), something we must all thank Fostex for, as MrSpeakers has been on fire, producing five new headphones in the last two years; the ETHER, the ETHER C, the ETHER Flow, the ETHER C Flow, and now the AEON.


By Marcus // December 28, 2016

Change can sometimes be evolutionary and yet dramatic at the same time. However, when MrSpeakers suggested I upgrade my “Writer’s choice of 2015” Ether C headphone to the new $1799 Flow edition citing a major (read dramatic) enhancement to the sound plus a brand new (read evolutionary) design, I resisted for a while.

MrSpeakers makes world-class headphones

By Vlad Savov // September 28, 2016

Artisanal craftsmanship. You’ll have heard this phrase bandied about by every bozo with a half-baked idea and a crowdfunding account, but today I want to tell you about a true 21st century example of it. There’s a small company in sunny San Diego, California, that engineers and produces some of the world’s best headphones, designing every single component from the ground up, and refining and improving through the age-old method of trial and error. It works with genuine materials, it has genuine goals, and it’s powered by the genuine passion of genuine music enthusiasts. Its founder is Dan Clark, an engineer whose history in designing audio equipment lends the company its name, MrSpeakers..

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ETHER C joins Innerfidelity’s Wall of Fame!


March 2016: CNET Says ETHER C Takes it to the Limit

As the hours rolled by the Ether C kept surprising me, from one recording to the next they all sounded nice; the music always drew me in.

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Spoiler alert: “…if I was in the market for a closed headphone at this price range, I honestly wouldn’t even consider anything else.”

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