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The Leather Comfort Strap is for DIY'ers to improve the comfort of the Fostex RP series headphones.
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Increase your listening pleasure by making your headphones more comfortable.  The MrSpeakers Leather Comfort Strap installs in less than two minutes.  The strap:
  • Works with any Mad Dog headphone, as well as any stock or modified Fostex T50RP
  • Is hand-made in San Diego using top-quality vat dyed leather
  • Follows the contours of the factory headband for a nice, clean finish
  • Uses leather selected to minimize “slippage” on your head
  • Is supple enough to smoothly spread the weight of the phone for minimal hot-spots and pressure points
  • Includes top-quality German-made plastic screws that are a perfect match to the factory screws
Installation Directions:
  1. Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver and remove the large phillips' head screw on one side of the headphone's head band.  This releases the ear-cup and height adjustment assemblies from the head band, so MrSpeakers' suggest you have the headphone on a table to avoid having the cup drop and damage the delicate wiring.
  2. Take the leather comfort strap and align it to the head-band.  Make sure the suede side of the leather is exposed.  If you use the smooth side on your head, your headphones will be more prone to sliding.  The suede provides a better grip.
  3. Use one included washer and one screw and push through the headband.  Align the metal posts to the grooves on the headband, then place the plastic coupling piece back in position, then screw the assembly back together.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREW*, just tighten enough that the metal posts for fit adjustment move with gentle pressure but don't slide freely.
  4. Repeat for the other channel.
*MrSpeakers does not warranty damage to the Fostex or MrSpeakers Mad Dog headphones should you strip the plastic.
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