Cable Plug

Cable Plugs, Male, for all MrSpeakers Headphones

Cable Jack

Female cable jack for use in cable assembly (simplifies opening and closing the plug).
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In Stock. Cable jack for DIY and custom cable makers. 

This is the jack for the ETHER, AEON and Alpha headphones. It can be used for DIY projects, including making your own cables. It's important to purchase one jack to produce cables as the jack is used to screw and unscrew the plug assembly.

ETHER and Alpha headphones all use the same pinout. We recommend purchasing at least one jack to make plug assembly easier, as the jack is used to unscrew and screw the plug shut. For your convenience jacks are available for purchase on our accessories tab.

  • 1 = L+
  • 2 = L- (or ground for single ended cables)
  • 3 = open
  • 4 = open
  • 1 = R+
  • 2 = R- (or ground for single ended cables)
  • 3 = open
  • 4 = open
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