ETHER Flat Ear Pads

ETHER flat ear pads

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VOCE Electrostat Ear Pads

ETHER Flow Angled Ear Pads

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ETHER Flow ear pads work on all ETHER headphones.
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This ear pad fits ETHER and ETHER C headphones.  It is the standard pad for ETHER C, but may also be used with ETHER. When used with ETHER the angled ear pad will create a slightly leaner tone with a slightly more distant soundstage, while preserving ETHER's depth and width of field.  In effect, sounds that are closer in the mix will move further out relative to the ETHER flat pads. ETHER ear pads may be used for 3rd party headphones, however MrSpeakers does not warranty fit or performance. All ear pad sales are final.
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4.2" diameter

Rear 1.3" tall

Front 0.6" tall

Earhole is 2.5" tall x 1.7" wide, 1.3" deep at the back of the ear

*Dimensions are approximate, as the product is made of leather, and the dimensions change on and off of headphones. As such there is no warranty on dimensions, these are here as a convenience for customers only

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