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Introducing the Aeon 2
Introducing the Aeon 2

Dear Dan Clark Audio Fans,

I am sure many of you have adjusted your daily lives to help minimize the spread of Covid-19. Dan Clark Audio is no different, and we have made extensive modifications to our operation to comply with emergency regulations. Yet in the face of these challenges, we remain open for business, and our customers continue to purchase new headphones, for which we thank you!

The health and safety of our employees, customers and vendors are our top concerns. We have been and will continue to take steps to respond to this dynamic situation while still working hard to:

We have seen some limited delays in shipping due to circumstances beyond our control and remain committed to minimizing these disruptions. We are in daily contact with our shipping partners and vendors and are focused on finding solutions and workarounds as needed. So far we have been able to keep production running and headphones in stock.

We want to share with you what you can expect from Dan Clark Audio during this crisis. We will:

How you can help:

How we can help:

On behalf of everyone in our ecosystem that makes it possible for us to ship headphones, thank you for being a Dan Clark Audio customer.

Stay safe and be most excellent to each other,

Dan Clark
Founder and CEO


Andy Regan

Dan Clark Audio

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