ETHER and VOCE Angled Ear Pads

ETHER and VOCE Angled Ear Pads

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ETHER and VOCE Angled Ear Pads

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ETHER and VOCE angled ear pads work on all ETHER and VOCE headphones. These pads are crafted using the finest Italian lamb leather. This is the standard pad for all ETHER Flow headphones and the new, updated ear pad for our VOCE electrostatic.

This ear pad fits VOCE, ETHER, and ETHER Flow headphones. It is the standard pad for VOCE and all ETHER Flow models.

VOCE owners may replace their original "round hole" ear pad with this pad for a smoother and more detailed midrange, and a more natural tonality.

ETHER ear pads may be used for 3rd party headphones, however Dan Clark Audio does not warranty fit or performance.

All ear pad sales are final.

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